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CD Series GAP-BED Lathe

Properties and Features

These lathes can satisfy the various turning requirements of a very wide range of different industries ---- offering an affordable solution to higher machining accuracy and better surface finish

They have a modern style and are built to accord with both latest human engineering and CE codes of practice----making the operator feel safer and more comfortable

High speed dynamically balanced spindle ------- using the latest machine tool building technology

Solid cast iron structure------ guaranteeing the rigidity of bed, head stock and saddle

Stress relieved bed and induction hardened guide ways------ provide the machine with ail-round rigidity and longer life

Precision ground bed slideways ------ guarantees high accuracy along the total length of the machine

New-type gear box and high precision spindle structure------ providing near perfect head stock performance

Totally-enclosed feed box making a wide range of thread machining possible

The lead screw is protected with a metal guard ----preventing the dust and increasing operator safety.

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