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Talent cultivation system 
Strengthen team building, improve the quality of staff 
Excellent management team and high-quality staff are the basic assurance for the company¡¯s success and development, which is also the key to enhance the comprehensive quality. Therefore, to strengthen the team building, and improve the overall quality is the important foundation for the company to grow bigger and stronger.

> Build a harmonious and efficient top management team and cultivate the atmosphere of good at learning, strict self-discipline and righteousness.
In order to create an outstanding management team, the company will continue to select executive reserve personnel from the middle-level management. Implementing the ¡°going out, bring in" training methods, i.e. sending the executive to college, studying EMBA and hiring experts to give lessons or purchasing management courses, we will enhance the executive team's overall quality and the management skill.

> Build a middle-level management team of youthful spirit and strong sense of execution.
On the one hand, further improve the training system for middle-level management staff, establish annual training plan, make full use of the company's internal and external training resources on the training of the middle management staff; on the other hand, view the third echelon with the eyes of development and significance, form a long-term selection, training, and selection mechanism, increase the intensity of training talents, and continuously provide the company with excellent talents.

> The company will cultivate an outstanding team of loyal, law-abiding, and passionate employees. 
And we will also increase the intensity of training, and try to provide each employee training opportunities as well as promotion opportunities. Thus the employees can grow with the company simultaneously


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