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Principle that is we are not just providing machine tool, but we are helping you to meet and satisfy customers' any harsh requirement. 

Core value:
Meet market needs and achieve sustainable development.
Corporate spirit:
Work hard and never give up.
Management idea:
Provide thoughtful services and help customers succeed 
Executive contract seriously, keep words Quality
Keep improving and pursue excellence, and never compromise when it concerns quality problem.
Team building:
Keep career momentum, value team spirit and job qualifications.
Virtue ethics:
Justice, integrity, and sense of honor.
Moral principle:
Be righteous, keep faith and show gratitude. 
Work style:
Earnest, quick and keep promises.
Work attitude:
Never make an excuse.

One of the common characteristics for successful enterprises to make sustainable development is that they all abide by their core values and permeate the values in the whole process of the company¡¯s development, and internalize the values deep in the staff¡¯s hearts, standardize the staff¡¯s collective habits and behaviors and solidify the values into rules and regulations, and finally form the core competition of the enterprise. 

Starfish Machinery company provides a platform for every staff to fulfill their self value. In any company, one¡¯s individual value means the position and importance of the staff derives from his/her labor and creation, from the responsibility and awareness of establishing the national brand together with the company. Only when the company gets developed and wins success, can you fulfill your individual value and become respected by the society, and serve your family and friends better.

The final aim of hard work is to achieve good achievements, which is more important than your work process.

Corporate culture is an important means of management and it is also the strategic resource for speeding up the company¡¯s development. Establishing the corporate culture is to unify the thoughts, concepts and targets through culture. Good culture cultivates favorable behaviors and helps to cultivate good habits


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