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About Starfish Machinetool Co. Ltd.

Starfish Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (www.sfmachinetool.com) is the professional machinetool supplier China. main products including horizontal Heavy duty metal lathe ,horizontal cnc lathe, vertical machining center, Chinese vertical lathe, Chinese vertical cnc lathe. filming blowing machine(producing agricultural ground film, 

green house film, medical film, heavy packing film for petrochemical and other package film for foods, fruit, commodity and industry)

Brief Introducton

Starfish Machinetool Co., Ltd. is an enterprise who offer heavy duty lathe machine. We integrate top talent in field of heavy duty lathe, film blowing machine, With hold of top-quality service and products and reasonable price, we are going to last longer.

 Main products

Adhering to the value concept of and the core value of ¡°meeting the ever-changing market needs and achieving sustainable development¡±, management strategy of specialized production and differential development,is our one of the main strategy. Main business includes: Heavy duty horizontal engine lathe, CNC heavy duty lathe, Roll lathe, Roll grinder, Vertical single column engine lathe, CNC vertical double column lathe, CNC vertical single column engine lathe, CNC vertical double column lathe, turning milling machining center, film blowing machines.


Advanced Management

Starfish Machinetool Co, Ltd has passed the certification of ISO 14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational health management system and ISO 9001 quality management system, part of products have obtain CE certification. also introduced the GB/T19580 performance management .Established the quality culture of ¡°pursuing excellence, and never compromising when there are concerns about quality¡±. Starfish is a quality centered and promise-keeping enterprise with efficient management.

With the management concept of ¡°helping customers succeed with our diligent services¡± and the core values of ¡°meeting the ever-changing market needs¡±, Starfish Machinetool Co, Ltd constantly makes innovations on the main business mode and has established the¡°technology-guided market exploration and market-oriented product development¡± management concept. The products have been accepted by all round world,Starfish Machinetool Co, Ltd. is going to provide customers excellent products and services.

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