CK6136E CK6140E CK6150E CNC horizontal lathe

Model NO. CK6136E CK6140E CK6150E
Max. swing over bed 360mm 400mm 500mm
Max.turning dia. of workpiece 205 245mm 290mm
Max.length of workpiece 750/1000/1500mm
Bed width 330mm
Spidle bore 52/58mm
Taper of spindle bore NO.6
Spindle speeds infinitely 120-2500(indpendent spindle)
Rapid travel speed, X axis 4500mm/min
Rapid travel speed, Z axis 6000mm/min
Feed rate of X-axis 3-2500mm/min
Feed rate of Z-axis 6-3000mm/min
Min. unit to be set X-axis 0.005/0.001mm
Min. unit to be set Z-axis 0.010/0.005mm
NO.of tool position of the turret 4 standard 6(optional)
Power of the main motor 7.5kW
Net weight 1500/1600/1800kg
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 2025x1005x1466(750)mm

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